ABW Movement is Transforming Offices

McRobie_Interior Design_Skyline ABW_4It would be hard to miss all the buzz on the Activity Based Workplace or “ABW”, the transformational office planning strategy that promotes a choice of spaces for various work activities. In an ABW environment seating is unassigned, but bookable through an app, and informal meeting areas are provided to encourage collaboration.

This fit-up of five floors at the Skyline Campus was completed in January 2018 and was an early pilot project to test the Government of Canada’s new direction in ABW prior to CG Workplace being released.  Based on a generic floor layout, brightly coloured screens and wall graphics were employed to lend a sense of smaller neighbourhoods within the larger floor area.  Meeting rooms were placed at the core and movable partitions were used to minimize potential future construction waste if the tenant’s requirements change in the coming years.

McRobie_Interior Design_Skyline ABW_2Photos by Johanna Garwood

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405 Terminal Avenue Joins Ottawa Train Yards Office Campus

The second office building to be built at the Ottawa Train Yards office campus, 405 Terminal Avenue continues the architectural and material expression first explored in its sibling at 395 Terminal Avenue next door.  Completed in the early summer of 2017, 405 Terminal Avenue rises to nine storeys in height and comprises 170, 000 sf (15,700 m2) of gross area. Two levels of underground parking garage occupy the entire site creating 176 indoor parking spaces. LEED Gold certification is being targeted through many strategies including leading edge energy efficiencies. For MCROBIE, this project was significant as the firm’s first full BIM coordination with other disciplines and the Constructor. (2017)McRobie_Architecture_405 Terminal07

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