MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team
MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team


MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers is an award-winning team of licensed and graduate architects, interior designers and architectural technologists. We practice in Ontario and Québec and are proud to provide our clients with access to a national network of colleagues in engineering, project management and construction. We regularly participate in and lead multidisciplinary design teams.


James Salem


James graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University in 1983 and joined MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers in 1989, during the transition of the predecessor firm. He has been responsible for the planning and design of many of the firm’s most significant office, retail and industrial projects as well as high-profile interior work at Ottawa’s Nortel and Skyline campuses. With his extensive knowledge of construction techniques and understanding of sequencing, James has successfully applied his considerable design capability to the straightforward realization of his clients’ visions.

“Great buildings result from the commitment and dedication of both the client and the architect as they work together toward a successful outcome, which is the realization of the collective vision. It is this relationship between the client and architect that we seek in all the work we do, regardless of scale.”

Tony Fuso

Vice President

Tony joined MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers in 1996. The catalyst for Tony’s career in architecture came at a young age when he would visit construction sites with his father, who worked for a local construction company. In 1986, he graduated from Algonquin College with his Architectural Technician Diploma. He is currently registered as an Architectural Technologist (OAAAS) with the Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences.

Tony’s involvement in projects includes the management of construction document production and construction contract administration. He has also taken on the management of the office IT systems.

“My goal is to work closely with the client and the design team to ensure the successful completion of every project.”

Jill Trower

Vice President

Jill earned a Bachelor of Architecture from McGill University in 1996 and began her career working on public buildings in Paris. From there, she gained experience on commercial, care occupancy and mass transportation projects in Toronto and Ottawa before attaining her license with the Ontario Association of Architects in 2004 and joining MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers in 2005. Jill is a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Jill is excited by architectural opportunities to fill in our urban fabric, revitalize old buildings, improve the ways we travel and reach new sustainability goals. Her favourite MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers project presented plenty of these opportunities.

“Working on the initial study for Ottawa’s new light rail system was fascinating. I enjoyed looking at our city on a large scale, examining how our public spaces function and considering the technical challenges posed by 13 kilometres of rail in established urban areas with a tunnel carved through the bedrock under downtown’s existing buildings.”

Ian Willson

Vice President

Ian studied at Carleton University and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1997. After two years of working on large infrastructure projects in Ohio, he joined MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers. Having been inspired by its strong lines and simple elegance, Ian names the “international style” as a key source of design inspiration.

“I have always been fascinated by the breadth of projects we are involved in. It runs the gamut from a small piece of millwork up to a massive multi-year renovation to a whole office complex. Each project offers unique opportunities to bring your own personal problem-solving skills to the forefront.”

Johanna Garwood

Senior Associate

Johanna earned a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture in 1987 and, in 1988, secured her National Council for Interior Design Qualification accreditation. She is a long-standing member of the Association of Interior Designers of Ontario and the Interior Designers of Canada. In 1993, she joined MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers.

Johanna was drawn to interior design through her love of colour and interest in how people interact within their environment. She cites nature as her design influence, as it presents an ideal model from which to draw inspiration. Johanna describes how she applies her skills to her interior design projects.

“I love to design our clients’ workplaces to be logical, efficient and fluid. I relish organizing and communicating our clients’ requirements. On corporate projects, I become immersed in their company, how they work and how best to apply this knowledge to the design of their space.”

Eric Malboeuf


Motivated by an interest in visual arts and physics, Eric pursued studies at Carleton University and completed his professional degree at the University of Waterloo, graduating with a Master of Architecture with Commendation in 2009.  Having joined McRobie Architects + Interior Designers Inc. in 2009, Eric participates in all stages of projects with a focus on the early design phase, where he produces 3D models and renderings. In his design work, Eric looks for a balance of artistic expression and the constraints of building materials.  This focus is echoed in his personal artistic explorations:

I spend much of my personal time immersed in the world of visual art and science. I am an avid painter, and I rely on these interests to explore scale and space through the juxtaposition of colours and geometry.

Ryan Van Spronsen


“Abstract and imagined worlds have qualities outside the constraints and limitations of our own.”

Ryan’s first sight of a skyscraper in Toronto inspired his desire to design buildings. He studied Architecture at Carleton University, graduating with a Masters of Architecture in 2010. During his studies at Carleton University, he focused on the design of tall buildings and vertical cities.

After joining MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers in 2010 Ryan has worked on a number of commercial office, institutional and large urban planning projects.

He is focused on guiding projects through all phases, from inception to completion while using 3D BIM software.

Given his love for the verticality of architecture, it is not surprising that his sources of design inspiration include the futurist architecture of Lebbeus Woods, concept art and science fiction in literature, film and graphic novels.

David McRobie

Practice Advisor

David is the founder and president of MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers. A 1973 graduate of the McGill School of Architecture, he began his career in 1974 at Sankey Partnership Architects, a national architectural firm, working in its Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver offices, before becoming a partner in 1979. By opening its office in Ottawa, David foresaw opportunities in the National Capital Region, especially in public transportation, government sector growth and private sector commercial development. In 1989, he took over the Ottawa operations and renamed the firm David S McRobie Architects Inc. Recognizing the inclusion of new partners and the emergence of corporate interior design as an important contributor to our success, the firm adopted to its current name in 2016.

A licensed architect in Ontario and Quebec and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, David has distinguished himself as a design communicator, mentor to young architects and effective manager of the firm’s resources, ensuring consistent high quality in the delivery of the firm’s services. Under David’s guidance, MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers has developed a reputation for professionalism, integrity and fairness in dealing with clients, consultants and suppliers.

“There are many reasons why this is an exciting time to practice architecture, including the development of seamless computer technologies for communication of ideas to our clients, greater awareness of sustainable practices for protection of the Earth’s resources, and the introduction of new and better-performing materials for our buildings. The world needs more problem solvers, and the design professions have an enormous opportunity to contribute to a better future.”

MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team
MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team
MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team
MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers team


We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. We offer a dynamic environment for architects, designers and technologists who are motivated to learn, contribute and develop professionally. Diversity is one of our many strengths. From buildings to bridges, interior spaces to urban places, we offer the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects.

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