We are proud to announce that Johanna Garwood passed her WELL examination earlier this year. WELL encourages those working with commercial buildings to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also better for our health. Studies have proven that healthy buildings allow us to perform better, miss work less, and enjoy a higher employee retention rate.

Johanna saw this certification as a way to respond to what clients are looking for in today’s work landscape; not only do employees feel more comfortable in certified healthy buildings but clients can also achieve a higher rent for the space. Johanna has seen more clients interested in WELL-certified buildings and wanted to challenge herself to push the industry forward. Not only does WELL examine the building health regarding materials, but it also accounts for the practices and activities within the building. For example, do employees have a way to bike to the office? Are there fresh and healthy food options available in the office cafeteria? Johanna studied the 10 concepts that go into designing a WELL building and feels inspired to think about the future of health and wellness.

We are very proud of Johanna for being a leader in the industry and we look forward to seeing her upcoming projects!