The Green Way to Get Around

Electric CarAware of the high number of kilometers that we travel every week to attend meetings and carry out construction reviews MCROBIE joined a car-sharing plan a few years ago. Membership in the plan allows a number of employees to walk, bike or take public transit to our downtown office location and to borrow a car as needed for daily business trips in Ottawa and out of the city. Employees report great satisfaction with these arrangements since they do not feel the need to own a second family car to use for work purposes. In addition, we love having access to the 100% electric Nissan Leaf vehicle available at the World Exchange Plaza and use it often.

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Day Three: Festival of Architecture

Festival of Architecture

Day three of the Festival of Architecture opened with an insightful presentation on the need for carbon neutral buildings by Edward Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030. Equally as compelling was “Architecture by Us Not Without Us”, a panel discussion on Indigenous Architecture with perspectives from Australia, New Zealand, The United States of America and Canada.

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