Golder Associates Office and Laboratories | Ottawa, Ontario

Golder Associates’ new Ottawa office brings all their area employees together in one bright and open building of 65,000 square feet that encourages interactions while strengthening their employee-focused workplace culture. Their new building is organized along a circulation spine that connects people and functions while merging an existing one-storey building and a new three-storey structure into a cohesive whole.  The spine begins at the reception and leads past glass walls offering views into the laboratories. A glass-walled walkway forms the west side of a landscaped outdoor courtyard. The main staircase is lit by a large skylight that lights up the lush planter three floors below. All the enclosed rooms feature a glazed wall from floor to ceiling. The result is flexible and bright work areas that contribute to a prevailing sense of openness thorough-out Golder’s new Ottawa home.

Photos by Ron de Vries.