LRT and the Transformation of Ottawa

Starting in 2008, we worked with Delcan (now Parsons Corporation) and grc architects on the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel Planning and Environmental Assessment. This project was conceived by the City of Ottawa to replace the cancelled North-South LRT project.  The team discarded surface LRT routes traversing the downtown and searched for the best route through the bedrock of downtown.  We dug into the archives of downtown buildings to find the depth of foundations. We poured over preliminary geotechnical data. We envisioned lively civic spaces connected by a modern rail system befitting our nation’s capital.  Now, eleven years later, the O-train Confederation Line has opened with thirteen stations on a 12.5 km line. What a transformation of our city! Congratulations Ottawa.

Our 2008 project team members were David McRobie, Ian Willson, Jill Sparling and Marie Poirier.

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