Ottawa Train Yards Brings New Retail to Industrial Avenue

1976-2002-2017 Geo Ottawa 773Now known as the Ottawa Train Yards, the land just to the south-east of Ottawa’s downtown core has seen a remarkable transformation over the last sixteen years.  Bounded by the VIA rail station on the north, Industrial Avenue on the south and Sanford Fleming Avenue on the west, this land was once ordered by rail lines and dominated by warehouses and other industrial uses. Our involvement started in 2003 with the creation of a Master Plan that led to the re-zoning of an initial 94-acre parcel of privately-owned land.

mcrobie_architecture_590 - 650 Industrial_7

McROBIE Architects + Interior Designers has since contributed to retail buildings in the 750,000 sf retail centre and two office buildings at the office campus.   Among our latest work, the buildings at 590-650 Industrial Avenue illustrate the maturity of the Ottawa Train Yards architectural vocabulary with premises for Figaro Coffee House, Nordstorm Rack and Urban Barn.

mcrobie_architecture_590 - 650 Industrial_2

mcrobie_architecture_590 - 650 Industrial_8Aerial photos from

Photos by Gordon King

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