Place Laurier Chooses Dark Sky Friendly Fixtures

earth-1149733_1280 fm Pixabay-modWhen was the last time you saw a night sky filled with stars? It’s no surprise if you haven’t for a while – every night wasted light energy fills the skies of cities.  Light pollution also harms nocturnal animals and migratory birds. Glenview Management had these issues in mind when they searched for a new exterior light fixture for Place Laurier, an office tower in downtown Ottawa. DSMA created renderings of several prospective fixtures to test their appearance and scale against the dark bronze aluminum and precast concrete finishes of this established building.  The winner was a fixture by Bega that will be specially modified to exclude any light in the upwards direction. The International Dark-Sky Association provides resources for choosing light fixtures that won’t light up the sky: S McRobie Architects 170 Laurier-mod

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