Designing on the Edge: Treasury Board Secretariat at James Michael Flaherty Building

MCROBIE recently completed the Interiors for the Treasury Board Secretariat at 90 Elgin, James Michael Flaherty Building, part of which includes a conference floor that provides training space, interview rooms, large formal meeting rooms, and informal break-out and collaborative areas. Breaking away from the standard use of plastic laminate on millwork, MCROBIE selected a colourful resin finish for various feature elements. In particular, the “Edge Contour” wall provided a dynamic and striking definition to a large lounge area, while still delivering space definition for stationary and transition spaces.

See for the Edge Contour wall’s feature of the TBS fit-up. Coming soon, more information on the completed Interiors Fit-Up for TBS.

David McRobie_TBS_01

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