Northern Canadian Airport: Where Do We Start?

David Mcrobie_ATB_09

Design proposal for Northern Canadian Airport – night view.

The path to designing a building can vary greatly from one project to another, at times long and meandering, occasionally more direct.  There are many points along the way in which decisions are made (or unmade) as a result of the myriad of factors which influence any given project.  Eventually though, each of these factors are addressed, contributing to a complete and cohesive design solution.

We recently had an opportunity to work on a design for a small airport in Northern Canada – the setting for which was remote, rugged and awe-inspiring.  In the series of images which follow, we reveal just a few of the steps we took in developing a design concept for this unique project.

David Mcrobie_ATB_02

Initial programmatic diagram identifying key spacial requirements.

David Mcrobie_ATB_03

Refinement of the preliminary plan – incorporation of structure and views.

David Mcrobie_ATB_04

Early study of building form – focus is simple forms which shed snow and promote views.

David Mcrobie_ATB_05

A return to fundamental design influences – the sky, the horizon and the land.

David Mcrobie_ATB_07

Design influences are explored through building form.

David Mcrobie_ATB_08

Design proposal for Northern Canadian Airport – Approach side view.

David Mcrobie_ATB_01

Design proposal for Northern Canadian Airport – air-side view.


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