REVIT Test Drive at MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers

Just as CAD revolutionized our work in the early 90’s, the next big step in technology has arrived at MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers.  We’re using state-of-the-art REVIT software by AutoDESK to bring a new degree of sophistication to our drawings for a nine storey office building at 405 Terminal Avenue, Ottawa.  We have created a three-dimensional model of the building from which comprehensive plans, sections, elevations and details are generated. The model is composed of many layers of information so that, for example, a door symbol on a plan is actually a three-dimensional door in the model and loaded with data on the door’s composition, hardware, fire-rating and more. We can pinpoint potential pitfalls between the architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems better than ever and can make changes to the model that are automatically evident in all the drawings: we recently adjusted the depth of the curtain wall to see the change immediately reflected across the building without the labour of updating in a multitude of locations.

What’s the verdict on our REVIT foray?  We’re glad we’re on the REVIT road and see our first project as a resounding success with great benefits for us and our clients.

This view of the REVIT workspace shows the office building's canopy in 3D, section, elevation and plan.

This view of the REVIT workspace shows the office building’s canopy in 3D, section, elevation and plan.

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