MCROBIE Architects + Interior Designers Turns 25

So much has changed in 25 years!  Our first project as a newly formed firm was the design for an office development on Carling Avenue at Churchill.  Interestingly, this past year we had the opportunity to propose a new office development at the same address.  Not only have our design sensibilities changed, our tools have become increasingly sophisticated and yet accessible.  Where once we produced coloured elevations to show what we were thinking (providing physical models and illustrations for only the biggest jobs), we now create digital 3D models with photo realistic renderings or even animations for the majority of our jobs.  What might we be doing in another 25 years?

carling 1989-sm

A coloured elevation from our 1989 proposal for 1655 Carling Avenue.

carling 2013-sm

A 2013 digital model of our design concept for 1655 Carling Avenue.

Our team also looked a little different in 1989…


This 1989 photo shows the original cast of DSMA. Can you spot David, Bill and James?

Check out our Facebook page to see photos of other staff members from 25 years ago and more!  Throwback Thursday

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