Inside 90 Elgin

The Interior Design for 90 Elgin employs the Government of Canada’s new Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standard to create open, light-filled and flexible spaces that encourage team building and enhance workplace well-being.

Designed to achieve LEED Gold, 90 Elgin offers floor plates with an abundance of natural light which have been optimized by efficient interior layouts maximizing the user’s access to exterior views. The location of key elements such as kitchens, equipment rooms and meeting rooms is unvaried from floor to floor which allows for intuitive wayfinding, consistency, and cohesiveness. Accent paint colours further enhance the wayfinding and add to the vibrancy of the spaces.

90 Elgin will also house a state-of-the art Conference Facility that aims for understated richness and elegance in its materials and finishes. Circulation space doubles as break-out space and offers a spectacular view of one of the many green roofs at 90 Elgin. The design of the Conference Facility also offers an opportunity for displaying Canadian Art in a gallery-like setting.




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