Beautiful Again at 156 Years Old

National Historic Site Earnscliffe Manor, the residence of the British High Commissioner and the former home of 19th century prime minister Sir John A. MacDonald is nearing the end of a major rejuvenation to address the ravages of time, a 2011 attic fire and years of ad-hoc maintenance.

The house is situated on a cliff overlooking the Ottawa River, just to the east of the MacDonald-Cartier bridge and is accessed from Sussex Drive.  Over the last eighteen months all the windows were replicated and replaced – no small matter considering that almost every window is unique and there are forty-five individual window types. Most of the exterior doors were replaced and much of the exterior woodwork was removed and painstakingly re-crafted. The copper roofing accessories and eavestroughs were replaced with gleaming new fabrications by modern-day artisans. Granite pavers were used on walkways and cap off fresh new landscaping.  Renovations were also carried out to the interior to correct structural and building envelope issues. The image below highlights the exterior work at the main entry portico.

Earnscliffe 2013-07-03

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