Next Stop: Western LRT

Western LRT -  bermed tunnel section

Proposed Bermed Tunnel between Cleary Station and Skead Street

In the seven weeks since the last Public Open House for the Western LRT Study we have focused our efforts on mitigation measures and station design changes for the City of Ottawa’s preferred route – the “Richmond Underground”. This planning and environmental assessment study is a joint venture with grc architects.

$80 million was added to the “Richmond Underground” corridor budget to address concerns of local residents.  Our new work showed a bermed tunnel, views from adjacent properties, landscaping possibilities, tunnel ventilation options and a green roof on a newly-designed Cleary Station. Our design for Dominion Station was also developed during this time. We turned to animated fly-throughs produced in Sketch-Up 2013 to show the interior of a typical station and the recreational pathway experience as it passes a typical tunnel ventilation opening. All this new work was pivotal in discussions with the public at the June 17 Public Open House at City Hall. David, Ryan, Jordan, Eric and Jill answered questions and listened to comments from the public during the five-hour open house.

See Full LRT Project Description

Western LRT - New Orchard Station Platform View

Proposed New Orchard Station

Western LRT - Cleary Green Roof - Inside Main Entrance

Proposed Cleary Station

Western LRT - Dominion Station from Roosevelt

Proposed Dominion Station as seen from Roosevelt

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