90 Elgin is Really Shaping UP!

Over the winter of 2011/2012 the former Lorne building in downtown Ottawa was demolished and our new building for the site at 90 Elgin Street in now rising from the ground.  Designed in joint venture with Dialog (architects), MCROBIE is the Prime Consulting Architect for this $250 million, 17-storey federal office complex.  Located on the Capital’s ceremonial route alongside national monuments and institutions, the landmark building is being designed to meet LEED Gold certification and will feature a high-tech curtain-wall system and limestone cladding.  We have traveled to Toronto twice to review the curtain wall at the manufacturer’s facilities.  In February we observed the manufacturer’s impressive production and quality assurance process for the fabrication of glazed panels and limestone-clad panels. In an earlier visit last year we saw a mock-up of the curtain wall being tested.

Things are moving quickly now, and we are seeing more limestone-faced curtain wall panels being installed every day. See below for some progress shots as well as a great view from the top.

90 Elgin Blog 3

2013 May 24 (6)

The view from the top of 90 Elgin is pretty spectacular!

The view from the top of 90 Elgin is pretty spectacular!

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